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Photography Festivals and Contests – Business Directory 2015

Photography Festivals 2015 - International Photography Festival Business Directory


The ultimate reference to international photography contests and festivals.


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This book is the foremost reference tool to the world of photography contests and festivals.

It provides the enthusiast or pro-photographer with up-to-date contact details and lists over 180 established international photography events that launch international careers.


This list will be invaluable when it comes to giving your photography work international exposure.

This definitive directory, with details, dates, submission and contact information of the best international photography festivals and contests in 2015, will be a trusted companion when it comes to giving your photographic work exposure among a professional photographic audience.




    • Over 170 pages with festival names, dates, details, contest entry fees and prizes


    • Email addresses of festival curators


  • Links to web and social media sites of festivals and contests


And now, shoot and enter!

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The Producer’s Insider Guide to Selling Films – North America Edition 2016

The Producer's Insider Guide to Selling Films 2016


The most up-to-date resource of North American film and movie distributors.


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This is the foremost reference guide for both seasoned professionals and aspiring independent filmmakers.

In it you will find the information, advice, and resources needed to distribute your work and map out a winning distribution plan based on current and up-to-date information. It lists names, contact information and acquisition details for over 250 distribution companies and buyers of feature films in North America whose businesses are healthy, and who are actively looking for new product.

Build the same relationships as the most successful producers in the motion picture industry.

Producers, directors, executives, entertainment lawyers, screenwriters, distributors, film students and more will all benefit from this comprehensive guide. It is the best way to get directly to the right people, without wasting time on futile and discouraging efforts.



  • Profiles and company descriptions for distributors dealing in theatrical, video, television, online, merchandising, and video-on-demand releases

  • Contact information for active film buyers in North America for 2016

  • Tips on approaching distributors, preparing your film package and presenting your product


Sell your movie to a studio, a cable network or a video distributor now!

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Write Onward! The creative writing software with a twist – Windows version

WRITE ONWARD! Write now. Edit later. Creative writing software for Windows.


Write now. Edit later. The word processor that forces you to focus on your writing.


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“The first draft of anything is shit.” – Ernest Hemingway

WRITE ONWARD! provides an effective way for creative writers to stop procrastinating and to push out a first draft as quickly as possible.

A unique distraction-free writing technique.

WRITE ONWARD! reintroduces a writing technique used since the beginning of written history. Whether the great writers of antiquity chiseled their stories in stone, scratched their poetry on papyrus, carved their observations on parchment, or typed their novels on typewriters – they all separated the writing from the editing process. WRITE ONWARD! brings the same writing feeling to your computer.

Fine-tune your thinking

Relearn how to let the words flow freely from your mind onto the screen. Finish that chapter instead of spending valuable time “getting that sentence right”. With WRITE ONWARD! both the Backspace and Delete keys are disabled, and you cannot select, copy, paste or edit. Once you have gotten your thoughts out, you can save your text and revise it in your favorite editing software. The distraction of editing is pushed where it should be – to the first and second rewrites.



  • Disabled Backspace and Delete keys for distraction free writing

  • Disabled selecting, copying and pasting of text for distraction free writing

  • Bare bones full screen mode in “Word Perfect” blue (keyboard shortcut F11)

  • Minimalist keyboard sounds (keyboard shortcut F10)

  • Available for Windows computers, and soon for Apple

Download and install the free trial version for Windows now (saving is disabled in the trial version).
Download WRITE ONWARD! for free

Write now. Edit later

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