Attach that name to your film

To get to those bankable names and have them star in your film is almost impossible for the aspiring producer from Littletown, TX. A better route would be to get a name director interested in your property and rely on this name to attach A-list talent without shelling out hundreds of thousands of dollars for pay-or-play offers that will likely go nowhere.

Another way to work around this old adage is to watch the movies you grew up with and find out which of their stars are still alive but have not made any successful films in years. Approach them to ask if they want a role to top off their life story, reinvigorate their career, and return them to the silver screen in all its glory. Remember Quentin Tarantino? He made his appearance on the world stage by exhuming John Travolta for Pulp Fiction and making the long forgotten and troubled former movie star an overnight success, and effectively ended up an overnight success himself.

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