The Producer’s Insider Guide to Selling Films – North America Edition

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The most up-to-date resource of North American film and movie distributors.


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This is the foremost reference guide for both seasoned professionals and aspiring independent filmmakers.

In it you will find the information, advice, and resources needed to distribute your work and map out a winning distribution plan based on current and up-to-date information. It lists names, contact information and acquisition details for over 250 distribution companies and buyers of feature films in North America whose businesses are healthy, and who are actively looking for new product.

Build the same relationships as the most successful producers in the motion picture industry.

Producers, directors, executives, entertainment lawyers, screenwriters, distributors, film students and more will all benefit from this comprehensive guide. It is the best way to get directly to the right people, without wasting time on futile and discouraging efforts.


    • Profiles and company descriptions for distributors dealing in theatrical, video, television, online, merchandising, and video-on-demand releases


    • Contact information for active film buyers in North America for 2016


  • Tips on approaching distributors, preparing your film package and presenting your product


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