The Producer’s Insider Guide to Selling Films – Asia Edition


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The only available English language directory of Asian film and movie distributors.


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Give your film full exposure to the rapidly growing Asian film markets.

The performance of the Asian feature film markets has far surpassed that of any other region in terms of gross box office, admission, number of screens or films produced. With a potential audience of billions of people that is still largely untapped, Asia is well prepared to take over the record-breaking box office numbers that until now have been the sole domain of Hollywood blockbusters.


This e-book is the only available English language resource of film and movie distributors in Asia.

Get access to the resources needed to sell your work to Asian distributors and their audiences with their enormous demand for regional and international titles, and map out a winning distribution plan based on current and up-to-date information only available in this guide.



    • Profiles and company descriptions for distributors in the Asian theatrical, video, television, online, merchandising, and video-on-demand markets


    • Access to contact information and acquisition details for over 350 Asian distribution companies who are actively looking for new titles


  • A look at current box office numbers and the economic situation in the Asian territories


Open the door to the fastest growing economies in the world!

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