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The distraction free, forward writing productivity app that lets you focus on the words ahead.


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“The first draft of anything is shit.” – Ernest Hemingway

FIRST DRAFT provides an effective way for creative writers to stop procrastinating and to push out a rough version as quickly as possible.

A unique distraction-free writing technique.

FIRST DRAFT reintroduces a writing technique used since the beginning of written history. Whether the great writers of antiquity chiseled their stories in stone, scratched their poetry on papyrus, carved their observations on parchment, or typed their novels on typewriters – they all separated the writing from the editing process. FIRST DRAFT brings the same writing feeling to your computer.

Fine-tune your thinking

Relearn how to let the words flow freely from your mind onto the screen. Finish that chapter instead of spending valuable time “getting that sentence right”. With FIRST DRAFT the Backspace and Delete keys are disabled, and you cannot select, copy, paste or edit. Once you have gotten your thoughts out, you can save your text and revise it in your favorite editing software. The distraction of editing is pushed where it should be – to the first and second rewrites.


    • Draft Pilot HUD with real time character, word and page counters, as well as ‘session time’, ‘time remaining’. and ‘percentage of edits’ indicators


    • Disabled cursor and delete, and optionally the backspace key, for distraction free writing


    • Disabled selecting, copying and pasting of text to help focusing on the text ahead


    • Bare bones full screen mode (keyboard shortcut F11) in popular and eye friendly color themes. Fully customizable


    • Minimalist keyboard sounds (keyboard shortcut F10)


    • Available for Windows 7, 8 and 10, and soon for OSX


Download and install the free trial version for Windows now (saving is disabled in the trial version).
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Write now, edit later

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