Filmmaking is neither a hobby nor a passion

Creating a brand around your package and turning it into a product that looks like it is intrinsically salable make distributors want to take a closer look at your film. Also, distributors love existing property, like an already selling novel for which you happen to have an option.

Find out if the selected production companies would be interested in the genre that your film is in. Additionally you should always go to their website and see what films they are currently selling. When you have distilled the list of companies you think would show interest in your film, your next step is to prepare a calling list.

But before you call anyone – remember this: it is crucial to introduce yourself to distributors as a professional filmmaker / producer. If you are an insurance agent in real life, you are wasting everyone’s time and money if you mentioned that to them. The film and media industry attracts a lot of wannabes and time wasters, and the working professionals are aware of that. Professional filmmaking is neither a hobby nor a passion. It is a commercial business and should be treated with respect and professionalism.

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