The secret to selling your film or how to get a distribution deal anywhere in the world

Did you know that if you are an American filmmaker, European distributors are much more likely to consider distributing your film and vice versa?

It is true that most filmmakers won’t get their films into distribution in their own territories. But that is because these distribution companies assume that you have nothing new or exotic to show. Audiences demand to see films that let them experience something new, something they do not know. They want to be taken to exotic and miraculous places that they have never been to, and perhaps never will be able to go to.

A film about a teenager in Kansas going on a road trip to experience a coming of age moment, is not going to be anything a movie distributor in Los Angeles will not have been pitched to a hundred times before.

But the same film will gain a thousand times more interest with European or Asian distributors.

A European film about a rural farmer falling in love with a millionaire heiress in Poland will not strike a deal with German distributors, as they have seen it all before.

But the same film will get a thousand times more attention by an art-house film distributor in New York, to who rural Poland is as exotic as it gets.

Our Film Distribution Guides have everything you need to gain access to oversea territories, and are your best bet to get your film seen by a wider audience.

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